Wheelchair eating alligators?

I’m not sure what to make of this sign. I assume they are trying to warn people that this slope leads to alligator territory? Or maybe they are saying alligators don’t care if you are in a wheel chair, they will eat you anyway?    

No trespooping?

Okay, someone is very creative – I Shih Tzu Not!

Keep off fish pass!

It looks like this little cub wants fish pass all to himself. It takes a lot of fish to take care of this cub, so stay away!

What exactly are you trying to say here?

Are you saying that children are animals, and are less important than dogs? Or perhaps the dogs, children and other animals are just “slow”? Somehow I think the creator of this sign might be a little “slow.”

Horse Parking

I would love to see where this sign is pointing people to, and what establishment would have a horse parking sign!